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Is there a fee to Ticket2Get?

Our ticketing solution is free for event organizers. Visitors to your event will pay € 1,50 per ticket + 3.5% transaction fee to all (international) payment methods are covered. This amount is entirely transparent added in the ticket shop.

For this, we provide a ticket shop you can integrate your website and Facebook, the latest features and support for you and your buyer card. [/ accordion-item]

The payment of the ticket sales is always done within five working days after the event has occurred. If your event is several days, you will receive the entry fees within five working days after the last day of your event. We make the money after the bank account you entered in your account. Enter for this reason carefully your account information.

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The ticket sales get within five business days after you paid to your event. Please contact your account manager to discuss an interim payout.


Is my money safe with Ticket2Get?

Yes. The money is to be paid to you stored on a foundation Derdengelden. Your sales are managed by a separate foundation. Third Funds may not be used for other purposes and possibly bankruptcy Derdengelden be affected. This way you and your visitors protected.


sell tickets

Can I sell tickets in my local currency?

Through our ticket we sell tickets in euros. Your card buyers can choose from several (local) payment methods such as PayPal, differing & amp; PayPal.

How long before I can sell the tickets?

Once you have created your event in the dashboard you can sell tickets. All you need is the ticket shop. When integrated on your website or Facebook page can start ticket sales.

Can I offer free tickets?

Yes, that’s possible. Via the ticket shop can be combined with a paid ticket also offer a free ticket.


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What customer get my card buyers?

We offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week support via email. Between 09:00 and 20:00 our average response time is only 2 hours and beyond average 4 hours. We have an extensive FAQ (frequently asked questions) and ticket buyers can fill in a form on our website when they lost their ticket.

What should I do to cancel the event?

In case of canceling your event always contact your account manager. He or she helps you to cancel the event and arrange everything. In addition, you should of course bring all your card buyers informed.

Can ticket buyers use a local payment?

Your ticket buyers can pay their ticket in different ways. Including iDeal, PayPal or other payment methods. Approachable and accessible for millions of ticket buyers.


We do not recommend, because it may create confusion with your visitors. It is exceptionally possible if for example, you still contractually connected to another provider. It is useful to contact your account manager for details.




How do I integrate a ticket shop on my website?

You absolutely do not have to be a web designer or technician to add a ticket shop on your website. In fact, you’re ready in 5 minutes. We have a clear statement made for you. The Ticket2Get ticketshop add you easily to your Facebook or WordPress page.

My tickets do not appear in the ticket shop. What now?

There are several reasons why your event or your ticket will not appear in the ticket shop. This release you on your dashboard. Are you stuck? Please contact your account manager.

E-tickets & amp; mobile tickets

An e-ticket can be completely in your corporate format a mobile ticket or m-ticket is a digital ticket which is sent to the mobile phone (smartphone) on a card purchaser. This is a unique barcode that is scanned at the entrance of your event.

Can my ticket shop on Facebook?

Yes, you can easily connect to Facebook ticket shop from your dashboard.


Entrance solutions

How do I scan the tickets?

The checkin app you can scan the tickets of the visitors with a mobile phone or tablet, or directly from a list swipe. “When you have more than 1,000 tickets sold will receive a scanning solution.

Check the tickets via:

What is this app and what can I do?

The app lets you scan tickets from the visitor with your mobile phone or directly from a list swipe. “Additionally, you can run a guest and guests check in directly from the guest list.

Entrance solutions

Selling more than 1,000 tickets for your event?

Then we will make an appointment for an entry solution.




Yes, through our ticketing software free, all visitor information from you. The data you make the event successful and that is important to us. With our tools and software is also easy to manage all data.

Can I export all data?

Yes, you can download the dashboard. Just click “Export Data” in the relevant section on

Who has access to my data?

Only you as an organizer and nobody else! You can use the data to promote your event or operational matters. In an emergency, we can download the data for you. We only do this at your request.


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