Do you have a question or problem with your tickets? Below we answer the frequently asked questions for you. Should this not answer your question, please contact us via the support form.

Between 09:00 and 21:00 we reply within an average of four hours. Our goal is to losssen to all inquiries within 24 hours.

My tickets

Your ticket is lost?
No problem. It is easy to find in your orders placed & gt; My Orders ‘!
I can not download the ticket. What now?

It may be that the link is broken.

Do the following:

  1. Copy the first part (often blue) and paste it into the address bar (from https ..).
  2. Do the same with the second part (often black) and paste it behind the first section in the address (up lang = …).
  3. When you press enter now appears the download page.

My tickets are stolen or lost. What now?

You have the responsibility to take care of your tickets.

We can do nothing for this reason. We advise you to print the ticket again and arrive as early as possible in the event. The ticket can be scanned because once.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Tickets are not transferable. So you can transfer your tickets to someone else. The name may not be changed on the ticket (note: the ticket is only valid once). For some events, the tickets personally, which is then clearly indicated on the ticket.

I can not open the ticket, I do not have Adobe Reader.

To open the e-ticket file you need Adobe Reader. This program allows you to here download.

I've paid my ticket (s), but no ticket (s) received.

You can retrieve tickets purchased within the “ My Orders” list. If this fails, you can always contact us.



How can I pay the ticket shop?
You can pay online with Internet banking ING, ABN-Amro, SNS, Fortis, Rabobank and Friesland Bank. You can also pay with MasterCard, VISA or Paypal. For all transaction is legally established that 3.5% transaction fee on top of the transaction amount.
The transaction was declined. What now?

First, make sure you have received a confirmation of the money from your account is debited. If this is not the case, you can re-order.

If the money is debited, but you have not received confirmation, enter your email address in the form below. Our support department will send you back to the confirmation.

Is the ordering process secure?
The ticket shop is secured by means SSL. When the ticket shop is integrated into the website of the event, you can see it directly into the browser address bar. If you want to check the certificate, click on the ticket shop and then select properties or properties.
I would like to receive an invoice for my ticket. Is that possible?
We send an invoice or bill because we are an umbrella organization and a collector. You can ask for a more detailed bill, contact the organization of the purchased tickets.


Canceled event

Can I change my tickets, exchange or cancel?

It is not possible to change tickets, exchange or cancel.

You can read this in terms of use of the online ticket shop.

The event has been canceled or moved. What now?
You will be notified within a few days via e-mail by the organization of the event on the procedure.
What is my order?
Your order number is in the confirmation email you received within two hours of purchasing your tickets.